A nutritionally balanced diet will ensure that egg production, egg size, shell quality and the overall health of your poultry is maintained at optimum levels. The three essential elements of a balanced diet are; dry feed, green feed and water.

Dry Feed: Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all breeds of adult home lay chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. Made from a premium blend of whole and cracked grains, Peters Free Range Poultry Mix is free of artificial colours, flavours, growth hormones and antibiotics and contains no animal by-products.

As it is a free choice diet, each bird will select the ingredients that best meet its individual requirements. More time is spent feeding this way than with pellets so the boredom factor is reduced when the birds are confined to the enclosure. This helps to inhibit anti-social behaviour such as feather and vent pecking or egg eating.

Green Feed: In addition to dry feed, provide a selection of green feed to your poultry each day. Apart from supplying additional vitamins and minerals, green feed is a natural source of the colour pigment that gives egg yolks a strong yellow colour. Fresh green grass, lucerne hay, leaves of silver beet, lettuce, cabbage and root crops are all good sources of pigment.

Ducks, geese and turkeys all require an ample supply of fresh green feed. Geese particularly enjoy grated carrots.

Remove uneaten green feed each night as the spoiled food can cause digestive disorders or diarrhoea and therefore loss of egg production.

Household scraps may be offered to poultry but care should be taken not to cause nutritional imbalances as this may result in reduced egg production. Salami, corned and salted meats can be toxic to poultry.

Shell Grit: Grit is especially important for laying hens as it provides calcium for healthy bones and helps to strengthen egg shells. Supply shell grit in a separate container.

Water: Sufficient water is critical to the health and well being of all poultry species. Water should be supplied fresh daily and extra amounts given in hot weather.

Chickens, guinea fowl and turkeys should be fed from a raised container. Ducks and geese require a flat water basin so they can immerse their heads fully (they need to lubricate the inner eye membrane by continual head dipping).

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