Rat Feast

Peters Mouse & Rat Feast ~ Meat Lovers

Peters Mouse & Rat Feast ~ Meat Lovers is a hearty combination of crunchy grains, pellets and cereal shapes blended with chewy carob and tasty meat extrusions.

Your pet will love discovering the variety of flavours and textures in Mouse & Rat Feast ~ Meat Lovers; each ingredient is specially selected to encourage the natural foraging behaviour of mice and rats.

Mealtimes are sure to be interesting and fun as your pet searches out tasty morsels to nibble. And while your pet is nibbling and gnawing contentedly, the chewing action helps to keep teeth trim.

Suitable for all breeds of adult mice and rats.

Ingredients include:

Steamed and rolled barley, Extruded cereal pieces, Oats, Black sunflower seed, Wheat, Banana chips, Micro pellets, Flaked peas, Meat extrusions, Carob, Vegetable oil and Colours.

Nutritional Analysis:

  • Min Crude Protein 15.0%
  • Min Crude Fibre 8.0%
  • Min Crude Fat 6.0%
  • Max Crude Salt (NaCl) 0.5%

Available in 800g packs at selected pet and produce stores