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Peters Hay Hut

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Mouse & Rat Activity Centre

Peters Hay Hut is an awesome activity centre for your pet!

Made from edible pressed wood fibre and coated in a tasty mix of alfalfa and oaten hay, a Peters Hay Hut will provide small pets with hours of activity and fun.

Sheltering inside its Hay Hut, your pet will feel snug and secure - or brave and invincible when climbing on the roof. Feeling creative, your pet can renovate its Hay Hut by nibbling extra doors and windows.

For added awesomeness, you can make a hole in the roof or a wall and slot in a portion of vegetable or a favourite treat for your pet to nibble.

Place a Peters Hay Hut in your pet’s enclosure for exercise, comfort and fun!

Suitable for all breeds of adult rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats.

Ingredients include: Pressed wood fibre, Alfalfa hay, Oaten hay, Plant based binding agent.

Peters Hay Huts are available in 3 sizes;

  • Small (L180mm x W100mm x H110mm) for mice and rats
  • Medium (L290mm x W190mm x H175mm) for guinea pigs
  • Large (L410mm x W285mm x H210mm) for rabbits

Available at selected pet and produce stores.